“What can you do for my floaters Doc?

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That is a question we are asked everyday as retina specialists. The eye is filled with a transparent gel called the “Vitreous”. The role of the gel is to provide a conduit for the vessels to travel from the back of the eye and come to the front of the eye of the fetus to nourish the iris. Miraculously these vessels disappear as the baby is born. We are then left with this gel that slowly degenerates as we get older, undergoing processes of liquefaction and condensation that are seen as floaters. Floaters are mainly due to the separation of the vitreous gel from the retina as this degeneration continues. Floaters are initially very bothersome, however the brain gets accustomed to it and learns to ignore it for most of the time after a couple months. At Retina San Diego, we recommend allowing your brain time to get used to them. In rare instances where floaters are very symptomatic, a retina specialist can treat floaters.

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