New Technology: OCT ANGRIOGRAPHY at Retina San Diego

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Retina San Diego is home to the most advanced technology in the field of retina in San Diego. The beginning of the twenty first century saw the most significant change as OCT revolutionized the field of retina from a world of clinical approximation to a field that is considered to have the most advanced diagnostic imaging in medicine. Clinicians were able to diagnose, measure and compare ailments affecting the retina in an objective way at a level of details never thought possible. We are now experiencing a similar revolution as OCT angiography is allowing us to image the retinal and choroidal vasculature in a safe way in addition to giving us new clinical information on diseases at an earlier stage. The discoveries that this new technology is bringing have the ability to improve our clinical practice and most importantly become a crucial part of our armamentarium in the fight against blindness. Retina San Diego is proud to provide this new technology to our patients since 2017.

The Technology: The OCT Angiography uses speckle pattern variations in order to derive amplitude and phase information. The Split-Spectrum Amplitude Decorrelation Angiography (SSADA) algorithm splits each B-scan in order to improve flow detection by increasing signal-to-noise flow ratio. This algorithm allows us to visualize blood flow within retinal vessels in a non-invasive way. This new technology allows us to visualize certain diseases prior to them becoming active.

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