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New Technology: OCT ANGRIOGRAPHY at Retina San Diego
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Retina San Diego is home to the most advanced technology in the field of retina in San Diego. The beginning of the twenty first century saw the most significant change as OCT revolutionized the field of retina from a world … Read More

“What can you do for my floaters Doc?
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That is a question we are asked everyday as retina specialists. The eye is filled with a transparent gel called the “Vitreous”. The role of the gel is to provide a conduit for the vessels to travel from the back … Read More

PEEK app for smartphones may help cure blindness in third world countries
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Bill Gates recently was excited about this British team that created an app for smartphones that would allow eye exams in remote areas and which could be used in third world countries that cannot afford an on site eye doctor. … Read More

Dr. Mozayan’s article in Retinal Physician on treatments for diabetic macular edema
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Diabetes has now reached epidemic heights. Saving vision from the effects of diabetes is one of the main areas of focus for retina physicians and one of Dr. Mozayan’s passion. The article that came out in the March edition, goes … Read More